This article from leading law firm, Ashfords LLP, draws similar conclusions to those made in our recent insight piece: The GDPR: why it's not all doom and gloom for executive search. There are of course a number of key areas organisations must consider to ensure they are prepared in advance of the May 2018 deadline. Companies should conduct an audit of the personal data they hold, where it is stored and how it will be used. And there is little doubt that meeting the requirements of the new data protection legislation will require significant investment of both time and resources. 

However, whilst there seems to be an abundance of articles focusing on the negatives and risks presented to executive search, here at Invenias (and indeed at Ashfords LLP it appears) we believe that the GDPR presents real opportunities for progressive organisations to set themselves apart from their competitors. 

Conducting a thorough review of existing records, updating or deleting inaccurate data and seeking fresh consents will enable businesses to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market. 

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