With political and economic change on the horizon, we invited an international survey pool to share their views on the hot topic of leadership. With responses from across the globe and participants ranging in age, job role and industry, the results were certainly interesting. 

As expected, the list of names was vast and included army veterans, Ronald Reagan, Elon Musk and Ghandi to name but a few, with Barack Obama topping the list and business icons Richard Branson and Steve Jobs completing the top three. Perhaps unsurprisingly, religious leaders were also highly admired as were motivational speakers, academics and elite sports coaches. Overall, leaders from the world of business and politics dominated responses and accounted for almost 75% of names suggested. It is hard to deny the popularity of business leaders among our survey pool.  However, whilst aspirational business figures were a popular choice, given the seniority of survey respondents, it seems somewhat surprising that a political figure topped the poll and not someone from the business world.

So why are political leaders held in such high esteem among the business community? Perhaps it comes down to the fact that the actions, decisions and leadership qualities of political figures are simply more visible, with the choices and leadership styles of those leading nations directly influencing and shaping the world and economy in which we live. Or perhaps success stories from the business world are simply not shared and communicated widely enough.

It is certainly a topic for debate but  given the recent changes to the political landscape, it is likely that the world of politics is likely to dominate the news and remain at the forefront of people’s thinking for the foreseeable future.