With the rising numbers of university graduates and an increase in automation and technology replacing humans in certain roles, the competition for jobs is at an all time high. This means the content of your CV is of great significance when applying for those sought after positions. Candidates may refrain from openly sharing information about their hobbies and interests due to fears of creating a bad first impression or if their hobbies are not directly related to the job. 

However a comprehensive list of extra curricular interests can help to provide a true impression of what candidates are really like. Some employers may value interests more than others, but with an increased focus on having diverse workforce a varied range of interests is likely to stand out. Different interests can be valuable in showing an employer your versatility and the ease of which you can fit into different environments as well as helping an employer to understand more about you. In some cases the transferable skills and attributes that you have developed with your hobby might even help to make up for a lack of a specific skill set or a gap in your knowledge. The interests part is crucial in enabling your CV to stand out when it's read by people who have no other insight into your personality.