If you spend more than 40 hours in the office per week, what does that say about you as an employee? Is it a positive? Does it mean that you're committed and have a strong work ethic? Or should you take a step back and reflect on why you're continually spending more time than you should in the office? Perhaps you feel compelled to put in the extra hours or constantly find yourself muttering the phrase "there just aren't enough hours in the day".

In previous roles I've felt under pressure to get in early, leave late, eat lunch at my desk rather than taking a break from my computer screen, purely because everybody else did. I worried what it would say about me and how I would be perceived by others if I didn't do the same. I've got into the habit of coming into the office early, but that's a personal preference rather than being an expectation. I like to eat breakfast whilst leisurely reading my emails, but that's just me. 

Evidence suggests that working too many hours has a detrimental impact on productivity. So perhaps with more structure to our day and better time management, we'd spend less time behind a desk. This handy article gives 6 top tips to help you consistently work a 40 hour week and increase productivity. I'll let you decide whether these hints will make 40+ hour weeks a thing of the past - I'm not convinced.