This is certainly a hot topic in our office, with everyone having their preferred sign offs.  I tend to favour a 'kind regards', switching to a 'many thanks' if I'm asking someone to help me out with something or if they already have, while one of my colleagues firmly believes that a simple 'best' is simply the best way to close an email.  The endings that make me most likely to delete an email are the lazy looking 'BR' and 'KR'.  Are you really sending me your best or kind regards if you can't be bothered to type that out in full? 

A recent study of over 350,000 email endings to might provide the answer we're looking for.  The results showed that emails closing with an expression of gratitude had a very positive effect on email response rates compared to 'normal' closings, which backed up a previous survey detailed below. 

With many of us using email as the first point of contact in business engagements, it looks like putting that little thank you at the end is more than worthwhile!

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